Water Resources Center

The Water Resources Center is affiliated with the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences and University of Minnesota Extension.

Frequently Asked Questions

What information are you looking for? Follow the links below to find the answers to your questions. These links can help you get started, or help you along the way if your community has already begun. Follow the links to the left for additional resources, or contact one of us.

Q. What programs are available to assist our community with this process?
A. See Financial Options

Q. How do we get started?
A. Work through the Five Phases of the Community Process

Q. What are the steps to success? 
A. The Five Phases of the Community Process

Q. What are the steps involved in a community decision-making process?
A. Facilitation Resources, Volume 5. Making Group Decisions

Q. How do we share the committee’s thoughts and ideas with the community and get involvement?
A. See Communications and Working With Committees

Q. How do we create awareness of our situation?
A. See Communications and Working With Committees

Q. Are there articles, publications, other resources we can use with our community?
A. See Tools, Links and Resources

Q. How do we develop a task force or community leadership group?
A. See the Small Community Series: Task Force Worksheet (.pdf)

Q. How do we develop leadership?
A. Read the Leadership for the Common Good Field Book

Q. Where is a guide on how we conduct meetings?
A. Read the Basic Parliamentary Procedure for Town Board Meetings (.pdf, from the Minnesota Association of Townships)

Q. How do we do a community assessment?
A. See Community Assessment

Q. How do we conduct site assessments?
A. View the Site Assessment PowerPoint Presentation (.pps)

Q. What are our choices for individual or cluster systems?
A. See Technical and Treatment Options

Q. What are some options for treatment technologies?
A. See Technical and Treatment Options

Q. What are the funding options?
A.  See Financial Options

Q. How do we find some options for funding?
A. See Financial Options

Q. What suggestions do you have for working with professionals?
A. See Working with Professionals

Q. How do we find an engineer?
A. See Working with Professionals

Q. How do we do Requests for Proposals or Requests for Qualifications?
A. See Working with Professionals

Q. What community (legal) structures could we consider for management of our systems? 
A. See Organizational Options