Water Resources Center

The Water Resources Center is affiliated with the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences and University of Minnesota Extension.

Soils for SSTS Professionals

Analysis of a site's previous months precipitation
(dry, normal, wet period analysis)

Minnesota's Soil Training Regions

Piezometer Installation Guidance (.pdf)

Minnesota Frost and Thaw Depths >>
Data Provided by MN DOT

How to Run a Sieve Analysis for SSTS Sand Analysis

How to Use the Web Soil Survey (.pdf)

Procedure for Determining Plastic Limit

How to Run a Percolation Test

Field Method for Determining the Percent of Gravel by Volume:
Water Volume Displacement Method

The Feel Method for Soil Texturing (.pdf)

Soil Dispersal Article

Groundwater Mounding and Phosphorous Evaluations Slideshow

Contractor Responsibility (.doc)

Tools for the Field

The University of Wisconsin, River Falls Department of Plant & Earth Science sells Sand-size cards that conveniently fit in your Munsell Color Guide. Each card contains samples of USDA vfs, fs, s, cos, vcos mounted on a 4 1/2 x 7 1/4 6-hole punch card. They also sell Texture Kits that contain samples of 10 soils with an accompanying listing of sand, silt, and clay percentages and a soil textural triangle.

Email William Anderson at william.anderson@uwrf.edu to obtain either of this helpful tools.