The Five Phases

Use this tool to work through each of the steps in the process. The questions will guide you to other pages within our web site that contain worksheets, hand-outs, reseources, examples, and more.

What are the Five Phases? (.pdf)

Phase I: Understanding Your Situation and Developing Capacity

  • Who will be involved throughout this process? (.pdf)
  • How do we assess what we have in our community right now?
  • How do we develop a task force or community leadership group? (.pdf)
  • How do we conduct site evaluations? (.pps)
  • How do we get the community involved?

Phase II: Exploring Your Options

  • Choosing a Direction (.pdf)
  • What are the ways to treat our community's wastewater?
  • What legal structures allow us to manage our wastewater infrastructure?
  • What are the options for financing wastewater infrastructure?
  • What do we need to know about working with professionals?

Phase III: Making Informed Decisions

  • How do we do Requests for Proposals or Requests for Qualifications?
  • How do we move past the planning stages?

Phase IV: Implementing Decisions

  • How do we share the committee’s thoughts and ideas with the community and get involvement?
  • Information about contracting with professionals

Phase V: Creating and Operating the Management Plan

  • How can a community develop a sustainable management plan?