Questions to Ask a Consulting Firm's References

  1. What services did the firm provide for your community? (for example, feasibility study, funding application, design, construction)

  2. Were you satisfied with the quality of the work? Were they able to provide you with a cost-effective system?

  3. Was the firm able to meet the time frame and schedules agreed upon in your contract?

  4. Did the consultant have other projects scheduled that caused time delays in your project?

  5. Were the costs and charges reasonable in relation to the work actually performed?

  6. Who was the consultant assigned to your project, and was he/she knowledgeable about the funding program and its requirements?

  7. Did the firm assist you with your application to your funding source? Was that application successful?

  8. Was the consultant willing and able to work closely and effectively with your community and/or district board?

  9. Did you experience any problems that would discourage you from hiring this firm again?

  10. If you could start over with the knowledge you have gained during your experience in working on this project, what would you do differently?