Sample Consultant Interview Questions

  1. What experience does your firm have in working with communities or districts such as ours?

  2. Are you familiar enough with our situation and the local area to know some of our particular needs?

  3. What is the design philosophy of your firm?

  4. Are you willing to look at innovative and/or alternative designs? What examples of this can you provide from past projects?

  5. Are you familiar with various funding programs within Minnesota for waste-water as they relate to communities or wastewater districts? What has been your experience in working with these funding agencies?

  6. Has your firm assisted communities with grant writing or funding applications? What has been the success rate of the applications?

  7. If we told you that our goal is to keep the costs of treatment methods below $12,000 per user, do you feel your firm could produce a solution to meet this requirement?

  8. Who specifically in your firm would be working directly with our board? Will the lead consultant be willing and able to attend public meetings to discuss the project? What other projects are you currently working on that could take precedence and time away from our project?

  9. Is your firm under any time constraints for this year?

  10. How much of the work on our project would be subcontracted?

  11. Do you offer to “carry” communities for the cost of the study until funding is obtained, or is partial payment expected?

  12. What time schedule does your firm propose for completing the feasibility study?

  13. Are there specific itemized services that your firm cannot provide?