Technical and Treatment Options


Individual or Cluster Systems: What are Our Options? (.pdf)
This two-page fact sheet may be printed and reproduced for use with your group. This publication summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of individual and cluster systems and defines "centralized," "decentralized", and "combination" systems.

Small Community Wastewater Solutions Resource Book (.pdf)
This chapter reviews why it is important to understand what wastewater contains, what problems it may cause, and what it takes to clean up water for recycling. Includes lists of decentralized options that may be available.

Introduction to Wastewater Treatment Options for Small Communities (.pdf)
All wastewater treatment systems begin with the basic premise of wastewater collection followed by treatment and dispersal. Communities have a wide variety of options to provide the best treatment in the most cost efficient manner. This guide will help communities begin sorting out the options by providing an introduction to some of the choices available.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment has a manual, Wastewater Options for Small Communities in Kansas. Several chapters are applicable for Minnesota small communities, particularly:

Technical System Options

OSTP information on the different types of wastewater systems. View Options

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