Hybrid Soils CE Workshops

What is a Hybrid Soils CE? 

  • This class is intended to be one course, necessary to cover your SOILS SPECIFIC 6 hours of continuing education
  • There are two parts to this course:
    • An Zoom lecture, equivalent to what we would cover in the classroom (3 CEH)
    • An in-person field component (3 CEH) - you may bring your own folding chair if you can not stand for long periods of time.

You should enroll for the in-person field session of your choice. Here are some things to know:

  • Registration is LIMITED.
  • There will be a morning (AM) and afternoon (PM) session of the in-person field workshop. THESE ARE NOT INTERCHANGEABLE. If you register for AM you must attend in the morning, if you register for PM you must attend in the afternoon. Due to the limited capacities we reserve the right to turn you away.

If you need assistance to accommodate a disability, you may request an accommodation at any time, please contact us at (800) 322-8642 or septic@umn.edu


The scheduling for the hybrid workshops is different from any workshop OSTP has done to date.

  • Choose your preferred date/location to be in the field, then either an AM or PM section.
  • Each field date has an online Zoom lecture scheduled for the Friday AM before. Make sure this also fits your schedule.

  • The Friday AM online Zoom lecture is equivalent to 3 Continuing Education Hours, accredited by the MPCA. Please read below to make sure that you have the proper computer equipment to complete the online portion.


Registration is limited. YOU CAN NOT SWITCH SESSIONS ONCE YOU ARE ENROLLED (example: if you signed up for the PM session, you will NOT be admitted to the AM session day-of). If you desire to switch, you will have to cancel your enrollment and re-register. It is highly encouraged that you register online.  

To reflect the decreasing COVID cases and increasing rates of vaccination, as of  July 1, 2021, the Onsite Sewage Treatment Program will no longer be requiring masks for people who have been fully vaccinated. If you are not fully vaccinated, we expect you to wear a mask indoors at all times.

 The following items are required for online participation:

  • An internet connection (broadband wired or wireless, with 600kbps down);
  • A computer/device with speakers (built-in or plug-in, or wireless Bluetooth);
  • A webcam  (either built-in to the computer/device, or plug-in);
  • A valid picture ID

Online Registration with a Credit Card 

h55-4 Grand Rapids: July 16 (Zoom) July22 (field) 

h55-5 Cloquet: July 23 (Zoom) July 29 (field)

h55-6 Mankato: August 6 (Zoom) August 12 (field)

h55-7 Dakota County: September 17 (Zoom) September 23 (field)

*Note: Staff encourages you to register online, with a credit card, for these courses.  The University is under reduced operations so mail is only checked once per week.  Purchase orders can be emailed to septic@umn.edu.  

Registration Form for check or Purchase Order

Cancellation Policy

  • If you cancel due to COVID symptoms, medical-advised quarantine, caring for others, or another COVID-related cause, a full refund will be issued.
  • All cancellations for non-COVID reasons must be received in writing by OSTP staff (septic@umn.edu) 4 business days prior to the workshop. All refunds will be made in the same manner as payment minus a $30 cancellation fee. Classes must be cancelled and rebooked before the start date of the course to avoid forfeiting your entire course fee.
  • If you are asked to leave the class due for not complying with requirements for social distancing, facial coverings, or other protocols, the learner will forfeit their entire course fee.
  • In the event that classes are cancelled due to state, local, or University restrictions, a full refund will be issued.

Certification Questions?

Please visit the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s COVID-19 website if you have any questions regarding your certificate or continuing education hours. If you have any further questions for the MPCA or would like more information you may contact the MPCA via phone or email at 651-757-2201 and ssts-info.pca@state.mn.us