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At this time, any of our remaining workshops published on our enrollment form (linked below) are currently being revisited due to protocols and impacts of COVID-19.  Please  consider any of those workshops as cancelled, and any new or updated workshops will be listed below to follow protocols.  An updated workshop may mean several things; 1. Its been cancelled 2. It's been moved to a different date/location/venue to meet social distancing requirements or 3. It's been changed to an online workshop, or a hybrid online workshop with an in-person requirement. The Onsite Sewage Treatment Program team understands the impact of course scheduling uncertainty will have on the SSTS community, and we appreciate your understanding as we work together to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19.

To receive email updates about workshops please join our mailing list.

IMPORTANT: The MPCA will ensure no certifications will expire due to these course cancellations. SSTS professionals will still be responsible to obtain their required continuing education hours once workshop scheduling returns to normal. We are working closely with the MPCA to determine how to best meet the training needs of Minnesota’s SSTS industry. For the most up-to-date information on MPCA’s training and certification requirements, please visit the MPCA COVID-19 website.

Thank you for your patience during this challenging time.

-The Onsite Sewage Treatment Program Team

To make any disability-related accommodations, please contact us at (800) 322-8642 or

Three Common Myths about Related Continuing Education Credits from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (link to MPCA website)

Questions? Contact MPCA SSTS Licensing & Certification staff, Jane Seaver, at or 651-757-2711.

Continuing education (CE) requirements help certified SSTS professionals maintain the expertise they need to be successful in the SSTS Industry. All approved SSTS training receives accreditation to award either direct or related credits to those who attend. Below, we dispel the most common myths about training that awards related credits.

1. Related CE Credits Cannot Be Used to Renew My SSTS Certification:  False. Related (or indirect) continuing education credits are tracked by the MPCA and do count towards your renewal requirement. Individuals with any combination of Installer, Maintainer and Service Provider Certifications must earn 12 credits (or hours) every 3 years. Individuals with a combination of certifications that include any level of the Designer or Inspector specialty areas must earn 18 credits every 3 years with at least 6 credits of Soils CE.

2. Related CE Credits Are Worth Less than Direct CE Credits:  False. Related CE Credits are valued equally to direct CE credits when the MPCA evaluates your renewal requirements. However, those with a 12-credit requirement cannot count more than 6 related credits towards renewal every 3 years. For example, you could meet your requirement with 6 related credits + 6 direct credits. Those with an 18-credit requirement cannot count more than 9 related credits every 3 years. In this case, you could meet your requirement with 9 related credits + 3 direct credits + 6 soils direct credits.

3. CE that Awards Related Credits Covers Topics of No Value:  False. You earn related credits at events that do not provide training specific to SSTS in Minnesota. Learning about septic systems at a national conference or about emerging technologies is undeniably valuable. However, you would earn related credits from attending these training events because you have not received targeted education or updates on Minnesota Rules Chapters 7080-7083. The MPCA requires a minimum amount of direct credits to ensure that individuals are exposed to its SSTS Rules during each 3-year CE period.

Course Course Dates Location Registration Registration fee Registration deadline
Online - Introduction to Onsite Systems Nov 2 2020 to Nov 6 2020 $390.00 Oct 22 2020
Online - Installation of Onsite Systems Nov 16 2020 to Nov 20 2020 $295.00 Nov 5 2020