BWSR Septic System Improvement Estimator

This Estimator is a simple Excel spreadsheet based tool for estimating the improvements made when septic systems are replaced.
Septic System Improvement Estimator .xls
Users Guide .pdf

Stocking Lake Watershed - Soil Phosphorus Study

This project sampled soils along topographic gradients to determine potential movement of phosphorus from source areas to off-site locations (e.g. lakes, rivers and streams). 
Research Summary .pdf

Laboratory Manufactured High Strength Waste Study

Research Summary .pdf
A laboratory study to develop a standardized high strength waste that could be used to test relative effectiveness of various pretreatment devices.

Rice County Seepage Pit (Dry Well) Research Summary

Full Report .pdf
A field investigation of dry well systems to determine if these systems meet current compliance criteria in the State of Minnesota.
Research Brief (.pdf)

Long-Term Soil Hydrology Research Sites

Read about their establishment .pdf
*Available with permission from the Minnesota Onsite Sewage Treatment Contractor Association Newsletter The Little Digger*

Milk House Project

General Information 

Milk House Wastewater Treatment Demonstration Project Overview .pdf
Milk House Wastewater Characteristics .pdf

Treatment Options

Treatment Milk House Wastewater design guide .pdf
Aerobic treatment unit .pdf
Bark Beds .pdf
Recirculating Media Filter .pdf
Surface Irrigation .pdf